Nicola Shaver (Nikki)

CEO and Co-founder, Legaltech Hub | Author | Innovation, AI, Legaltech Leader, Advisor, Investor, Adjunct Professor

CEO and Co-founder, Legaltech Hub | Author | Innovation, AI, Legaltech Leader, Advisor, Investor, Adjunct Professor


An industry-recognized, high-achieving innovation and legal technology executive specializing in legal business transformation and enterprise-wide change management. Twenty years of experience in the legal industry, including ten years of practice experience with top tier firms and Fortune 500 companies and close to a decade of global experience as a senior innovation leader with 1000+ lawyer international firms.

Proven success running global teams across innovation, legal technology, knowledge management, client value and research services functions, generating previously unprecedented results across multiple business areas. Strategic leadership style, with achievements including building client-facing teams, developing proprietary client products and advising law firm clients on digital transformation. 

Over the past 20 years, Nikki has practised law at large firms and media companies in Australia, led knowledge and innovation teams at firms including Stikeman Elliott in Canada and Paul Hastings in the United States, and advised legaltech companies and corporate legal on legaltech procurement. In early 2019, running yet another fruitless Google search for use case functionality, it occurred to Nikki that there must be a better way to track innovative solutions in the market. Recognition of this gap sparked the initial idea for Legaltech Hub.


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