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Managing Director

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- The founder and CEO of Asianajotoimisto Svahn Oy.
- Over 20 years of experience in domestic and international inheritance law matters.
- Currently, primarily working as a a court appointed estate administrator and distributor or as an advocate in more challenging cases, which often involve complex assets, high net worth, or international elements.
- a degree in law from England (L.LB (Hons) Exempting) from 1999.
- additional studies in Sweden and in Finland.
- Admitted to the Bar in Finland
- company set up in 2011, which grew to becoming a leading company in inheritance matters
- blog, appearances on videos on our website, and speaking engagements at various events and seminars.
- regularly interviewed in magazines, various books and in podcasts, TV, and in various articles and publications dealing with legal topics.
- 2 legal guide books published on how to draft one's own prenup and wills.

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Here's also my application:

Sanna was among the very first in Finland to introduce automated legal documents back in 2014. She was also among the very first legal bloggers in Finland. These groundbreaking initiatives marked a significant leap in making legal services more accessible and efficient. Her foresight and innovative spirit have significantly contributed to transforming the Finnish legal landscape, where technology now plays a crucial role in simplifying complex legal processes.

Sanna's approach to integrating AI in legal practice is both unique and exemplary. She utilizes AI daily to expedite decision-making processes and to distill complexities in intricate cases. This technology serves as an assistant, augmenting her legal expertise rather than replacing it.

Sanna's vision extends beyond traditional legal services. She is dedicated to building a comprehensive resource for all matters related to complex inheritance issues, aiming to ensure that as many people as possible can access free, reliable information for their cases. This visionary approach demonstrates her commitment to democratizing legal knowledge and support, making her a true pioneer in the field.

Sanna's 20+ years of experience in domestic and international inheritance law matters, combined with her innovative approach, demonstrate her exceptional legal skills and expertise. She has made a significant impact on her clients, her firm, and the legal community through her outstanding legal work, particularly in complex estate administration and distribution cases.

Sanna's influence extends beyond her firm. She was nominated by the Finnish Bar Association as one of the 100 legal influencers in Finland, a testament to her impact and leadership in the legal field. Her role in the Bar Association's working group for the reform of legislation regulating attorneys showcases her commitment to advancing the legal profession. Currently, she acts in the Bar Association's Disciplinary Board, further demonstrating her dedication to maintaining high standards and integrity in legal practice.

Sanna's work exemplifies the essence of a trailblazer and a legal expert. She has not only embraced change but has been a catalyst for it in the legal profession. Her innovative use of AI in legal services, combined with her profound legal expertise and visionary approach to legal access, has paved the way for a more dynamic, efficient, and accessible legal system in Finland.

In light of her pioneering contributions, unwavering commitment to innovation, and her recognized role as a leader and influencer in the legal field, I firmly believe that Sanna Svahn is an exemplary candidate for both the Trailblazer & Innovator and Legal Excellence categories of the Women in Law Awards.

Thank you for considering myself in this nomination.


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Attorneys-at-Law Svahn Ltd


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