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Ilenia is an Italian lawyer holding a law degree from the University of Bologna (Alma Mater Studiorum). After the law degree, Ilenia has obtained a Master Degree in International and EU Taxation law. After having spent a semester in Boston (Massachusetts), she has obtained a Master Degree as Expert in Organization Management and Control Model (Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/2001) and has recently completed the LLM International Commercial Law program with the University of Salford (Manchester).

After having concluded the mandatory traineeship with different Italian law firms, Ilenia has been involved in representing Italian companies before the Italian civil courts and, mostly, in assisting them in every aspect of the international transactions.

Since 2008, Ilenia has been providing assistance to her clients with specific focus on international contracts and commercial law, formation and structuring overseas subsidiaries or unincorporated joint venture, international tax issues, with main area of application in contract management of domestic/international construction contracts.

Starting from 2018, Ilenia has been involved in assisting a client in a multi-million euros construction project in Qatar, that escalated into a 350 million euros international arbitration (ICC). Said appointment required travelling to Qatar on a regular basis to assist and manage the client’s technical team directly on site and advise on legal issues.

Ilenia strongly considers that working with a multi-disciplinary as well as international team represents an essential condition to grant a first-level assistance to her clients, which is why she contributed, as founding member, to create an international professional association (Glawbus) with legal seat in Belgium, with several professionals from different jurisdictions, that share the same view in terms of professionalism and same values in term of professional ethics.

In fact, Ilenia deeply believes that professional ethics and fair approach towards the clients and their interests to be preserved represent a prerequisite that a professional person must embody and that shall prevail to any other motive, including the profit perspective.

In June 2022, Ilenia has joined Creative Women Platform as Chair for Italy, thanks to which she has had the opportunity to meet and proactively interact with wonderful women from different countries and backgrounds, sharing experiences, views and values.

Ilenia is also passionate about travel and art. In fact, she always tries to include in her trips (whether for business or leisure) some visit to museums or sites of artistic and cultural interest.

The personality that has always fascinated her is Frida Khalo, as an example of strength and sensitivity, who has been able to transform a personal tragedy, in a tumultuous historical context, into a series of art works with an extraordinary communicative power.

Ilenia firmly believes that the promotion of art at all levels is an essential action to promote beauty and disseminate grace in a very compromised general context. Moreover, she believes that art is an indispensable instrument to increase attention on topics of considerable social impact, in order to give voice to all those who would be destined to remain in the shadow.


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  • Viola Edward 5.00
    March 20, 2024

    Ilenia is a conscious visionary leader, I have been with her in different areas of leadership and she is solid, innovative, compassionate & effective.

  • Hermann Ferre 4.75
    February 22, 2024

    Ilenia and I had an opportunity to work together in preparing a case for arbitration hearings. Ilenia was outstanding both on a technical and practical level. She was extremely helpful in explaining the contemporaneous documentation created by the project personnel, and very sharp and perceptive when explaining the background circumstances for the statements made in the correspondence. She was an integral part of helping our team prepare the case for a successful outcome. Indeed, we ended up winning the case with very few setbacks!

  • Stephanie Georgiadou 5.00
    January 9, 2024

    I met Ilenia some years ago through an association of lawyers and apart from being and exceptional lawyer and expert in her field, with vast amount of knowledge and experience, she is also a very warm, genuine and inspiring individual.

  • Marco Domenella 5.00
    December 21, 2023

    Ilenia è un’amica leale e sempre attenta alle esigenze di chi gli è accanto. Professionalmente determinata e giusta. Chiunque abbia avuto modo di incontrarla e conoscerla anche solo una volta, non può non apprezzare la sua energia e dinamicità.

  • Pablo Nicastro 5.00
    November 23, 2023

    I met Illenia from Glawbus network. We worked together in some corporate matter connected to Argentine law.
    Illenia is a very talented lawyer, she distinguishes herself for her passion and tenacity in benefit of her clients. She is a trustable, skilled, and sharp adviser.

  • Angelo Prete 5.00
    November 23, 2023

    I have known Ilenia since 2007. As a colleague, I can say that from a professional point of view he is one of the best experts in his field. Always attentive and always precise. With its expansive character, it manages to convey peace of mind to its customers. With his ability to solve problems, he can find the right solutions to complicated problems. Her distinctly international profile allows her to have a broad view of the issues and to be able to best advise each company. Top reliability

  • Lucia Pirchio 5.00
    November 22, 2023

    Ilenia is a true force of nature, always available to listen, very empathetic, sensitive and sparkling. She takes every case to heart and knows how to achieve the goals with great determination, courage and expertise.
    She is always in my heart.

  • Nicoletta Marchegiani 5.00
    November 22, 2023

    Ilenia è una donna di grande personalità e professionalità, equilibrata ed istrionica. Chi ha o ha avuto il piacere di conoscerla e di collaborare con lei non può che non apprezzare la sua serietà e la sua determinazione nel raggiungere gli obbiettivi.

    November 21, 2023

    Competent, resolved, motivated and innovative: some of the many skills that make Ilenia a great professional.
    Her gentle and friendly manner together with passion and energy employed on the job make her a valuable partner and a hard opponent.
    Better to have her on your side.

  • Stefano Brecciaroli 5.00
    November 21, 2023

    I had the chance to work with Ilenia on several situations worldwide and I could appreciate her dedication and determination in facing and solving issues. No matters the difficulty, she will do it.
    She is a team maker, she deeply cares what she is fighting for and she never surrender.
    Ilenia is an amazing ally.

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